Polyurethine spray insulation



Aries Contracting (Ottawa) Inc. specialize in all kinds of fireproofing. We are authorized to apply fireproofing manufactured by:


  • Wet
  • Dry
  • Intumescent


  • Wet - spray industrial
  • Rapid Rise Fire 241
  • Intumescent - S605 - S606 - S607


  • Wet - Type 5 GP
  • Dry - Type FP
  • Intumescent

"NEW" 3M Intumescent

Our expertise has opened doors for us in many jurisdictions including Nunavut, Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario.

To see some of the many jobs Aries Contracting has completed, please view Aries Contracting’s online gallery.

For further information on Aries Contracting please contact Keith Kennedy at: aries@on.aibn.com