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Aries Contracting (Ottawa) Inc. specialize in all kinds of fireproofing. We are authorized to apply fireproofing manufactured by Cafco.


Cafco's wet mix spray-applied fire resistive materials are a blend of cement or plaster binders and mineral aggregates. Wet mix products are designed for direct application to structural steel and provide the industry's most effective fire protection.


  • Durable wet mix spray-applied fire resistive material (SFRM) designed to provide fire protection to floor and roof assemblies, steel beams, columns, and joists in commercial construction projects.
  • Offers the best fire resistance performance per unit thickness of any commercial SFRM; needs less material to achieve required fire ratings so is very cost efficient.
  • Excellent thermal insulator, especially effective at reducing heat loss when applied to the underside of a roof deck.


  • Portland cement based spray fire resistive material used in commercial and high-rise construction.
  • Perfect for areas where fire protection material may come under higher levels of abuse, this medium density product is hard and durable.
  • Exceeds all industry physical performance standards, and produces very little waste during installation.
  • Is cost effective, clean, and neat in appearance.


  • A portland cement based product specifically developed for application to structural elements in exterior and interior situations where mechanical damage is a consideration.
  • Can be used as a hard top-coat for CAFCO SFRMs

Some of the company’s competed projects include:

  • Mother Teresa School
  • Smart Technology

Dry mix spray applied fire resistive materials are composed of melted rock or iron slag which has been spun into wool, which is resistant to fire, water, and decay.

Aries Contracting primarily uses Cafco's BLAZE-SHIELD DC/F, the world's best selling brand of dry mix fire protection. Cafco's BLAZE-SHIELD II and BLAZE-SHIELD HP are also available.


  • Spray-applied fire resistive material designed to provide fire resistance to structural steel and concrete in commercial construction.
  • Its effective performance under fire conditions has been proven in more than 40 years of commercial use, increases customers' security and reduces liability.
  • Applied in one coat; conforms to any surface resulting in fast and easy installation.
  • An efficient thermal insulator, and also has good sound absorption qualities.
  • An excellent choice for concealed commercial construction.


  • A combination of the easy application of dry mix materials with the enhanced physical performance of wet mix materials.
  • One of the most effective fire protection products available today.
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions during construction.


  • Medium-density dry mix.
  • Ideal for areas that demand high levels of physical performance.
  • Designed to withstand some of the toughest conditions.

Some of the company’s competed projects include:

  • Winnipeg Airport Terminal
  • Greens Creek Water Treatment Digesters
  • Montfort School



  • Coatings provide decorative fire protection.
  • Can be coloured to match surroundings in places where steel is left open to view.
  • Has a fire rating of one to three hours depending on the steel structure type, and thickness.
  • Often found in corporate offices, hospitals, schools, and other facilities.

Some of the company’s competed projects include:

  • Mattawa Hospital
  • Nortel Building



Our expertise has opened doors for us in many jurisdictions including Nunavut, Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario.

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