Polyurethine spray insulation

polyurethane spray foam insulation


Purple is the New " Green"

The right combination for high performance is Aries Contracting and Wallitte Eco.

Aries Contracting is a BASF certified applicator of Walltite Eco for commercial and residential    Walltite  Eco is a 2 lb spray polyurethane foam insulation which provides a single application air vapour barrier along with an insulation value.

Wallitite Eco provides double the R value than 1/2 lb foam insulation in a standard building frame, therefore exceeds the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.

It adheres to virtually any surface, provides a gap-free, airtight envelope of  low permeability even under extreme climatic conditions, and does not support fungal growth. It also protects against premature building deterioration.

For more information on Wallitie   http://www2.basf.us/basf-canada/productsheets/walltite/walltite-ECO-brochure-E.pdf

Aries Contracting provides quality assurance on all applications with customer satisfaction a priority.

To see some of the many jobs Aries Contracting has completed, please view Aries Contracting’s online gallery.

For further information on Aries Contracting please contact Keith Kennedy at: aries@on.aibn.com


Man spraying foam
Man spraying foam
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